Police Commissioner Jorgensen Speaking (2011)

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Vårsalongen 2012

27 january - 25 mars 2012



Police Commissioner Jorgensen Speaking

Lenght: 9:27 min
Year: 2011
Narrator: Joshua Webber


This video work can be seen as a paraphrase of a bank robbery scene. The Police Commissioners monologue is a reflection on the very meaning of whatever the robbers are after. He's saying that what the robbers really are after - is the Image. It could also be another word for truth, or understanding - thereby the bank robbery scene is given a metaphysical dimension.

What the Police Commissioner Jorgensen tries to explain is, among other things, that mysticism, somewhat simplified, could be described as an absolutely immediate and indisputable way to come to an understanding: getting to know an object by being identical with it. With the experience comes a sort of transgression - where the distinction between inner and outer reality is dissolved.

The narrator approaches reality convinced that the imaginary is as real as the material: the dream world should be taken as seriously as the awaken world.










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